Innovation in Learning

As the dynamics of our workforce change, so do the way that people learn.  Traditional learning using manuals and other paper based methods are not effective for many younger employees and no one wants to sit through hours of powerpoint presentations, regardless of how many animations and sounds have been added to keep the audience awake.

Edge Learning Services has experience in developing solutions that take the learning out of the classroom and into the workplace safely and effectively.  Using the principles of adult learning, we have a mobile learning solution that leverages all learning styles for maximum effectiveness and engagement.

People learn more rapidly and retain lessons when they enjoy the learning and it is integrated into the work environment.


Training Strategies

Whether you are starting up a new site or increasing your workforce for an expansion, Edge Learning Services can help with a detailed, executable training strategy that will give you a workforce with the skills and knowledge to begin operating your project as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We have been involved in start up and expansion operations in Australia, Africa, Canada, Europe, South America and Europe.  We can deliver full start up strategies with detailed onboarding plans for trainers and trainees as well as training solutions if necessary.

Training a new or expanding workforce the right way is critical to the success of any operation.  A successful training strategy impacts safety, community relations, human resources and external affairs as well as production.  Investing in an executable training plan up front will save significant time and resources as you move into production.


Learning Solutions

Whether you require traditional learning solutions, elearning solutions or complete blended learning programs, Edge Learning Services has the experience and knowledge to produce the most effective, efficient and engaging solution for your workforce.

We have extensive experience with Australian and overseas workforces and understand that different learning solutions suit different cultures and different operations.  We can develop total training solutions such as core skills programs through to one off training courses.  All of our learning solutions can be mapped to national standards if necessary.



Did you know that your trainers spend 10 to 30 percent of their time completing paperwork.

In the field, dealing with paperwork is even more difficult.  So why not start getting real benefit back from your trainers by using electronic forms so that they can spend more time with your workforce.

Now, it is easier and more cost effective than ever to use these forms.  These forms are perfect for assessments and audits where the document needs to be mobile and may be completed at different times in different locations.  Our forms can be stand alone or linked to a database and have the functionality to record signatures and insert pictures if required.

Contact us if you would like to view some samples of our eAssessments and eAudits.